About us

The railway was founded back in 2019 from the minds of Naomi and Steve, having been out and ridden on a portable railway at an event the seed was planted. We already had our locomotive 'NOMI' and thought 'we could do that'. 

Our Philosophy

Having a family ourselves we know what makes kids tick. We strive to provide the best experience possible for all our passengers, whether at a busy event where we are simply 'moving people efficiently' or at a smaller gathering where we can spend time with our passengers and show them a little about the engine. Organisers return to us knowing that we provide a no-fuss service and just get on with the job at hand. 

Professional yet approachable

We have decades of experience in operating trains allowing us to maintain a service with utmost professionalism whilst being enthusiastic about what we do. We really enjoy being able to share this enthusiasm with young and old alike

Quality and Safety

We have grown with the backing of the wider rail industry and community and are a member of many groups. You can be assured when working with us that safety is paramount and that we take this very seriously. 

Exciting News for 2023!

2023 sees a new dawn for our little railway. We have had a refreshing new look and with have attracted the attention of industry giants. We are pleased to be working with the model railway manufacturer of the year 'Accurascale' to bring the railway to new and exciting venues this year and beyond. We will be carrying a small display of their award winning models and litereature to events so you can take a look for yourselves at how good the models really are!


We were absolutely delighted to be awarded the 'Theo Paphitis SBS' award back in 2021. This is a thriving community of small businesses who have been recognised for being 'something special'. In 2022 we went on to be part of Small Business Saturday's Small Biz 100, A collection of the 100 most inspirational small businesses of the year.

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